print specificationen

Please note the following specifications for the delivery of print data for printed covers and disco sleeves.


  •       accepted formats: TIFF, PDF, AI, JPG, EPS
  •     identification of different versions (e.g., view and print files or updated version)
  •     all values are subject to a tolerance of ± 1.5 mm

layout and trim

  •     for multi-page documents, keep the correct order: Page 1: A page, page 2: B page, etc.
  •     do not omit the holes
  •     layout including the margin addition
  •     keep graphic running in trim
  •     do not place any important information in the range of 3mm from the trim
  •     layout WITHOUT any marks, color control ctrips or cutting lines
  •     remove templates or place them in an open file on an extra layer
  •     additional softproof, in which template or cutting lines can be seen can be attached


    •     pixel graphics min. 300dpi
    •     vector data


      •     change fonts into paths
      •     embed fonts in PDF files


        •     colour mode: CMYK or grayscale, 8 bit / channel
        •     special colours: Pantone and HKS (as solid colour)
        •     minimum ink application: if the ink coverage is less than 10%, the colour of the print result may appear very weak
        •     black and white layouts with pure black, if possible (C0 M0 Y0 K100)

          special specifications

          download in pdf format


          download in pdf format